ViConnect Installation Systems

ViConnect Installation Systems

Intuitive, simple and quick to fit – with its ViConnect series, Villeroy & Boch offers ‘made in Germany’ installation systems and high-quality flush plates. Intelligent features such as the tool-free adjustment of the flush flow, rotatable self-locking feet and a 4-point adjustment of the outlet elbow allow installers to carry out easy and flexible installations with ViConnect. Thanks to a special load-bearing design, the ViConnect installation systems are safe and reliable for any installation scenario.

Flexible installation systems and stylish flush plates

The current ViConnect range includes dry-wall and brick-wall construction elements for all wall-mounted sanitary ceramics as well as stylish flush plates. All ViConnect installation systems provide greater flexibility: with height-adjustable feet and durable frames made from powder-coated steel for the secure installation of washbasins, toilets, bidets and urinals.

The flush plates impress with an elegant, contemporary design, high-quality materials such as stainless steel and glass, and mood light functions. Innovative cable technology with a bayonet joint ensures quick and easy installation of all models. A dual-flush for the flush plates means that ViConnect actively helps to save water. The flush volume is set by default to 3/6 litres per flush with the option of being reduced to an economical 3/4.5 litres.

A new highlight in terms of hygiene and efficiency is the ProActive+ sensor-controlled, touchless flushing system, which is not only activated by a simple hand motion near the sensor, but also flushes automatically when the user doesn’t do it themself. As the system is able to recognise the duration of use and different situations, it is able to select the volume of water required for the best flush result by itself.

Stability and very easy installation

Thanks to the integrated vertical struts as standard, all ViConnect dry-wall construction elements enable a very reliable and safe installation, which also applies to wall-mounted toilets with a shorter back panel. Therefore, the installer can be assured that the installation system and toilet will always fit together perfectly.

The innovative flush control valve can be accessed through a service hatch and regulated, without having to dismantle the cistern components, and allows easy adjustment of the flush flow – even retrospectively, if required – a particularly important feature for rimless toilets. There is also the option of positioning the service hatch at the top or front, depending on the installation scenario, and a single cistern for all heights means the installer needs fewer spare parts.

The rotatable feet open up a wide range of integration options: they can be installed precisely in lightweight stud walls as well as in various metal profiles, for instance U or C profiles. The self-locking system simplifies the assembly process even more, making it possible for a single fitter to adjust the height easily and precisely.

The 4-point adjustment for the outlet elbow provides greater flexibility for assembly, giving the installer more scope for connecting the toilet. A feature that is particularly advantageous for renovations.

Proven quality and services

All ViConnect installation systems are checked regularly in internal tests and their high standard is certified by independent institutes. Villeroy & Boch also provides a 25-year availability guarantee for replacement parts.

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