SoHo Prices Held until April 2019

SoHo Prices Held until April 2019

SoHo is the mainstay of many Villeroy & Boch dealerships, with a great product collection that’s easy to sell, a full accompanying tile range along with excellent terms available and plenty of high quality printed material, no wonder it’s our number one collection.

With January/February being a traditional promotion period we are announcing that the complete SoHo collection will NOT be subject to a price increase* until 1st April 2019! We have plenty of brochures available and we encourage you to include SoHo in any Q1 promotions you intend to push.

* Please note that the SoHo collection shown in the new Brausch|DHL Villeroy & Boch Abridged Pricelist 2019 includes the general price increase, however, this is not the price you will be charged we will be maintaining the current 2018 prices as per the published SoHo pricelist available from your representative or downloadable from our website.

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