New Villeroy & Boch Tiles for 2021

Villeroy & Boch Tiles offers one of the most diverse product ranges for the interiors and exteriors of private homes and public buildings, based on continual research and analysis. Our brand range spans both the latest trends and long-standing classic design traditions. Today, their tiles feature various surface finishes, colours and formats which open up new applications to the user on both an aesthetic and a technical level and substantially broaden the spectrum of uses for tiles. Over the course of decades, our concepts have become established as essential elements of an interior and exterior design culture which is also highly appreciated in the field of public architecture. The new ranges also embody this special charisma. They comprise brand products which are designed to appeal to broad target groups, enabling diverse styles of interior and exterior design – from traditional and modern classic styles to Scandinavian and purist schools. Various collections that are already successfully established on the market will be brought back into focus in future news bulletins to emphasise the strength of our product range.

On the one hand, we aim to focus on essentials. This means more compact ranges with less SKUs, which are easier to put across in personal selling and require less storage space on the customer’s premises. On the other hand, we aim to give greater emphasis to the success of our overall product range in direct dealings with customers, so as to focus on the strength of the brand as a whole, rather than drawing attention solely to new lines.

Last but not least, this “New products 2021” sales folder will introduce you to aesthetic, large-format wall and floor coverings which, as Concept3 ranges, enable customers to decorate entire rooms in fully integrated designs.

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